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  For Sale:

                   A-bolt II Hunter in 7MM Rem. Mag. 
                  26" Barrel
                  asking $600.00

“In performance the 7mm Magnums tread close on the heels of the .300 Magnums. Little or nothing hits harder at long range than a 7mm Magnum, and it is distinctly more pleasant to shoot than a .300 Magnum. This has endeared the Big 7's to generations of shooters, and made the Remington version the best selling of all magnum cartridges. It is adequate for all North American big game, and one of the world's finest all-around cartridges….My experience with Browning rifles has always been positive, and so it is with the A-Bolt II Hunter rifle I have tested. They are handsome and refined rifles, a pleasure to own and use.”  Chuck Hawks


For Sale:

32 Smith and Wesson rimfire pistol model no. 2, made about 1861 to 1874

   We have for sale a 32 Smith and Wesson rimfire pistol model no. 2, made about 1861 to 1874. 
   This gun is in mint condition, and possibly has never been fired.  It had been in my possession for about 50 years and was registered then with the RCMP.  It comes with a walnut case also in excellant condition.    
   It has a top hinge, allowing the cylinder to be completely removed.  The cylinder is pushed over the center pin to knock the fired spent cartridge out.  Total length is  10 3/4 inches.  Barrel length is 6 inches. 
   This model has no trigger guard. 

   A point of interest - I have documentation indicating that this is the same model that was used to kill  Darcy  McGee in 1869, considered to be the "gun find" of the century. Also stated at that time " It is the most historic weapon I have examined in 20 years".. At that time the value put on that gun was from $10,000 and $20,000.  The gun has a 6 shot nonfluted cylinder, and a hexagonal barrel with a rosewood grip.
The gun can be viewed at any time by appointment.  Call R. Upton at  416 491 8513 or



Ruger Blackhawk - new model .44 mag.
c/w leather holster, 800 rounds ammo and rubber grips.
asking 700.00 or best offer.



A Mec 600 jr mark V 12gauge shot shell reloader
Item is new, never used and is complete price $85




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Target Grade handgun with 6” barrel:

  • Non-slip scored trigger

  • Double and Single Action

  • Anodized aluminum alloy frame

  • Single-stroke, multiple ejection

  • Swing-out, counter bored cylinder

  • Movable, square-notched rear sight

  • High-tensile steel barrel and cylinder

  • 9 shot, .22 calibre short, long or long rifle

  • Rebounding hammer with automatic safety block.

The revolver is in its original box and comes complete with:

  • Instructions for Operation and Care, and an illustrated Parts List

  • Cleaning tools

  • Trigger lock

  • Shoulder or belt holster

  • NRA Manual “A-B-C of Pistol Shooting”