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    Although we are not a "Pay as you Shoot" facility, we do offer to those that are serious about the possibility of becoming a member, the opportunity to come out to our club to observe and ask questions.
   There are club members present every Friday evening at 7PM. They will be more than pleased to answer your questions and show you around our club.

   The club is located at 4281 Buttrey Street, Niagara Falls. (Between Victoria Ave. and River Road)

Bill C-68


   With Canada's new gun control legislation (Bill C68) all individual's who own registered handguns and other restricted/prohibited firearms will have to re-register their firearms by December 31, 2019. If you previously registered a gun with target shooting as your stated purpose for acquiring the gun, you will need to belong to a certified gun club and get an Authorization to Transport in order to keep your guns.

   We can help you to comply with the new regulations and keep your firearms. We have Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course trainers and examiners affiliated with the Club so that you will be able to become qualified to apply for a firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence. We can also help you to successfully register or re-register your firearms.

   The process for obtaining a handgun for target shooting in Canada can seem long and complicated. However, it is well worth the effort as once all of the red tape is dealt with, you will be able to enjoy a very rewarding, challenging and fun sport.



Niagara Falls Revolver Club Incorporated

Rules and Regulations

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   If you wish to make application to the Niagara Falls Revolver Club, please print out a copy of the application form, fill it in as completely as possible and bring it with you to the club any Friday at 6:30 to 7PM.

You may also pick-up an application at the club any Friday evening at 7pm.

   A recent Passport-style photo of the applicant will be required to be attached to the application form.

  All members are required to show proof of two Covid-19 vaccinations.

   The cost of taking the club safety course for a new member is $130. including membership in the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Both are mandatory for new members.

Page 1 of the Application for Membership form

Q. What is the probation period for new members?

A. New members will serve a 3 month probationary period. New members will be expected to shoot at the club a minimum of 6 times during regularly schedualed club meets. (Friday evenings)

There will be club guns available for those new members on Friday evenings. Please provide your own ammunition. (.22 cal )


Q. How much are the dues at the NFRC?

The 2020 - 2021 club dues for a regular single membership are $210.

For a regular membership plus spouse, the dues are $310.


A. Follow the hyperlink above to the Canadian Government Firearms Center.

For further information pertaining to Safety Courses and starting dates, please see FIREARMS TRAINING AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OF NIAGARA.

Q. What is the Canadian Shooting Sports Association?

A. Canadian Shooting Sports has been formed to ensure the survival of all shooting sports across Canada, and for generations of Canadians to come.



Q. What is the cost of the Niagara Falls Revolver Club's Safety Course for new members ?

A.  $100.00



Q. What is "Bullseye" shooting ?

A.  One of the shooting disciplines found at the Niagara Falls Revolver Club is the NRA Gallery Pistol Course (Bullseye). This is comprised of three individual stages.  Each stage firing 10 rounds, at a distance of 50 ft; with varying amounts of time allowed to complete each stage.

Slow fire:

   The standard 30-shot course of fire begins with 10 shots of slow fire. In the slow-fire stage you're given 10 minutes to fire 10 shots. The 10-ring on the target is 23 cm. (3/4") in diameter.

Timed Fire:
   After the slow-fire course is complete, then 10 shots are fired in five-shot strings with 20 seconds allowed for each five- shot string. The 10-ring on this target is 46 cm. (1 3/4") in diameter.

   Unlike other handgun sports that use a hand-held timer, in bullseye each target rotates to and from the shooter to regulate the timing. As the shooters prepare to fire, only the edge of the target is visible. The target rotates to face the shooter when shooting is to begin. The target rotates away when time has expired.

Rapid Fire:

   The third and final stage is Rapid Fire. It is identical to Timed Fire; the same size target, but with only 10 seconds for each five shot string.

   The shooters score, out of a possible 300, is the sum of his or hers three targets.